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Kepada yang tercari -cari bisnes online terbaik yang boleh dibuat di online sudah pasti tidak akan lepaskan peluang dengan menjadi affiliate marketer kepada social ecommerce terbaru iaitu Fingo. Fingo adalah social ecommerce yang pertama di Asia Tenggara memberikan kupon diskaun dan juga pendapatan aktif serta pasif kepada ahli affiliatenya. Platform yang digunakan oleh Fingo ialah telefon bimbit. Ini bertepatan dengan ramai yang menggunakan telefon bimbit untuk melayari Internet.

Fingo menawarkan teknik pemasaran yang menggunakan sistem affiliate multi-tier. Terdapat empat kategori ahli di dalam Fingo iaitu :

  1. Shopper
  2. Prefered Shopper
  3. Affiliate Marketer
  4. Affiliate Trainer

Klik sini untuk daftar percuma di Fingo

Nota: Guna phone anda untuk klik


Bagi Shopper, mereka boleh menjadi ahli percuma di dalam Fingo. Untuk Prefered Shopper pula, mereka berpeluang untuk membuat pendapatan aktif di dalam Fingo. Kemudian, setelah mereka dinaikkan kepada Affiliate Marketer, mereka berpeluang mendapat pendapatan pasif. Memang terbukti boleh membuat pendapatan lumayan dengan Fingo.

Fingo launches innovative social e-commerce platform in Malaysia

Reported by : The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Fingo (M) Sdn Bhd has launched Fingo, an innovative e-commerce platform that incorporates social e-commerce business models in Malaysia.

Fingo Malaysia chief executive officer Lee Chee Sing said unlike other e-commerce platforms that depended on their applications to secure customers, Fingo leveraged on major social platforms – WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram – to connect with its customers.

“We use Big Data technology to select suppliers and brand owners of products to socialise and interact with Fingo members.

“Based on members’ experience in using the products, members then can invite other people in their respective contact list to utilise the items by joining Fingo, ” he said in a press conference after the launch of Fingo.

Lee said Fingo customers would be able to deal directly with suppliers or brand owners without going through middle man or resellers.

Fingo, which operates in three languages – Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia – has over 200, 000 registered active shoppers in the country to-date, and it hopes to reach 500, 000 shoppers by year-end.

Lee said the major products featured on the platform included cosmetics, household items, personal care and soon, daily living products. It also aims to be listed among the top three e-commerce platforms in Malaysia within three years.

On expansion, he said the company targeted to have a presence in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in its next development phase by next year at the earliest, followed by the Philippines and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ong Kian Ming, who officiated at the launch of Fingo Malaysia mobile app, said the participation of Fingo in the Malaysian e-commerce circuit was timely as it gave more variety of goods and services to online consumers nationwide.

“Besides, this is an opportunity for Malaysian small and medium enterprises to promote and export their products to a wider customer base within Asean and Taiwan, ” he said.

Ong also quoted the e-Conomy SEA 2018 report by Google and Temasek which cited that South-East Asia is one of the fastest-growing Internet regions in the world.

“This indicates that Malaysia and the rest of South-East Asia is well-positioned in offering massive opportunities in mobile e-commerce, ” he said, adding the Asean Internet economy was estimated to reach US$200bil by 2025.

Fingo is founded by a group of former top executives from China’s e-commerce Alibaba Group, led by CEO Dong Fang who has 13 years of experience in various capacities and division within the Alibaba Group. — Bernama

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